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Divorcing someone on disability
What are the legal ramifications I might face by deciding to divorce when my husband is disabled. He's been on disability for years and feels that I will be made to pay some sort of spousal support due to his limited income. I've agreed to sign over my half of the equity in the home, and asked that he sign his rights to our rental property over to me. He's not capable of filing the appropriate tax forms on it, and if he stays on my group health insurance, the rental income will not quite cover that cost to me each month. I've been living with verbal and emotional abuse for years due his mental health conditions, but he feels that I've abandoned him, and he thinks that the court will order me to pay his bills or pay some sort of spousal support. I just don't know. Our state is an equitable distribution state, and I know that his ability (or inability) to earn a living would be a consideration of the courts.
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Re: Divorcing someone on disability
Hi, The laws differ from state to state. I have represented people in Michigan where disabilities were an issue. You might have to pay some form of spousal support depending upon income levels, social security along with many other factors. Consult with an attorney who specializes in family law before you make any decisions. This should be handled delicately. Good luck to you.

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