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Re: bi-polar wife
Davielin - hope you check in. What's going on ?

For what it's worth - my Ex seemd to start with Bi-Polar II but now is definitely a one. "Those who suffer from the latter are usually the ones who have been hospitalized repeatedly or end up homeless when their families feel they can't take it anymore". Hospitalized a good 30 times - maybe 40. Family washed their hands of her a couple years back and she currently is AWOL - we haven't heard from her since last year and I don't think anyone knows where she is.

I can maybe help guide you on the legal side of getting her out of your life without loosing everything.
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Re: bi-polar wife
Not to mention our incredible good looks and brains!
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Re: bi-polar wife
There's a PBS documentary on Bipolar Disorder that starts tonight. It will most likely be repeated. Looks interesting.
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