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Re: Politics, etc.
Not even close.

Russia can field only about 1.5M soldiers. Their replacement rate is so low that this number has to go down, despite mandatory conscription. Conscription has become so unpopular that the period of servitude has been dropped from 2 years to one year. It takes a year to train a soldier. Anyone that can, buys their way out of conscription.

The Crimean peninsula is one thing. Putin is to be congratulated for a coup that did not require a shot. However, if he wants to push into the Ukrainian mainland, he may find a much different reception. If he wants to 'protect the Russian speakers in the Baltic states (NATO members) ', he will get a much different reception.

He simply doesn't have the military to reignite the Cold War. He has just enough to start a localized hot war. It would be dumb, but he could do it, despite all the opinions that it wouldn't happen. History is full of wars that nobody thought would happen.
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