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2ndWind 12-16-2016 09:06 AM

Trump and Co.
"Trump promotes himself as a man divorced from party ideology, a president-elect just as open-minded to input from Al Gore as from Newt Gingrich.

But with his Cabinet nearly complete, he has chosen one of the most consistently conservative domestic policy teams in modern history, setting himself up for hard decisions and potential conflict with some of his supporters when he begins to govern."


RealTime 12-16-2016 03:54 PM

Re: Trump and Co.
Hi 2nd -- Interesting post.

Trump demands loyalty, but he doesn't return it. It's going to be interesting the first time that he 'hangs Brownie out to dry'. What will the other Trumpites think? The article dances around it.

2ndWind 12-19-2016 10:45 PM

Re: Trump and Co.
Just received this email from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

"Today, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a bill allowing guns in the public sections of airport terminals, and gives college administrators and day care owners the right to green light loaded, hidden guns at schools.

Law enforcement officials, day care center owners, colleges, and gun violence prevention groups opposed the bill, but the corporate gun lobby jammed it through. In fact, they’ve vowed to fight for laws like these across the nation.

Despite the diverse coalition opposed to this bill, Gov. Kasich bowed to pressure from the gun lobby. Because Ohio does not have Brady background checks on every gun sale, this puts Ohioans at even greater risk."

I don't seem to have any words for this right now.

2ndWind 12-22-2016 07:05 PM

Re: Trump and Co.
We should give Trump a chance – a chance to normalize himself, in the sense of complying with the norms every president should observe. Giving him a chance doesn’t mean giving him a break; quite the contrary. It means subjecting him to tough scrutiny, holding him to high standards and judging him against his own promises. In short, treating him like a normal president – whether he likes it or not.

RealTime 01-01-2017 11:29 AM

Re: Trump and Co.
The night shift at Wal Mart.


Bluefish 01-01-2017 08:53 PM

Re: Trump and Co.

Originally Posted by RealTime (Post 49002)

Now THAT is sad.

RealTime 01-01-2017 10:18 PM

Re: Trump and Co.
Sad, but reality for many people. It is at least part of the reason that Donald won.

Bluefish 01-02-2017 01:28 PM

Re: Trump and Co.

Originally Posted by RealTime (Post 49005)
Sad, but reality for many people. It is at least part of the reason that Donald won.

Right; unfortunately I think it's the part of the reason he won that put him over the top. What was it--88,000 votes among three states that made the difference?

RealTime 01-02-2017 01:48 PM

Re: Trump and Co.
Yes. Precisely. Wisconsin, Michigan and either Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Late breaking voters broke for Trump, big time. Thanks, James Comey!

Nominally, the Russian hacking would have been a service to us, except for one thing. The Email releases were timed to tamp down Hillary's momentum. In addition, there is evidence that the Russians also hacked the RNC. If true, they really should have released those emails also.

RealTime 01-05-2017 06:08 AM

Re: Trump and Co.
File this under FWIW. I think the author is more right than wrong.


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